Understanding NHS Dental Treatment Costs.

Patients make a contribution toward the cost of their NHS dental care. The cost of your dental care is listed in this link below and in our dental practice leaflet

Understanding NHS dental charges Download Our Dental Practice Leaflet If you pay for your dental care, please be prepared to pay for it on the day you attend your dental appointment.

Some patients may be exempt from paying these costs

It is important before attending your dental appointment that you are fully aware of whether or not you need to pay for your treatment as the dental practice is responsible for taking the fee for your dental care on behalf of the NHS at your dental appointments.

The staff will not be able to calculate whether or not you are exempt from paying the cost of your dental care. To guide you toward finding out if you are exempt from paying the cost of dental treatment we have provided links below

These links will help you understand whether or not you are required to pay for your dental treatment.

Emergency dental care

Need urgent dental care during evenings or weekends?

Call 111 or search NHS 111 Online to find your nearest out of hours dentist.

Its quicker Online, but if you phone, press 1 when you hear 4 choices to access the dental team

Call NHS 111 Video

What can my NHS Dentist Do for me

The NHS provides essential treatments needed to keep your mouth, teeth and gums healthy and free of pain. Any treatment that is clinically necessary should be available.