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Patient Survey Results

Goyt Valley Medical & Dental Practice

Patient Questionnaire Report 2017

The Practice would like to thank everyone who took the time to complete the patient questionnaire as well as the Patient Participation Group (PPG) for helping to produce and distribute the questionnaire at the flu clinics. A total of 394 responses were received, however not all questionnaires were fully completed.

67% of the patients completing the questionnaire were aged 65 years and over, whilst the same age range makes up 22% of the total Practice population. This means that the results may not reflect the opinions of the whole Practice population and this may have been skewed by handing the questionnaire out at the flu clinics. In future the Practice will look at other distribution methods which could allow for a more accurate representation of the population.

The results have been analysed by the Practice and discussed with the Patient Participation Group with the key points included in this report.


The overall responses from the questionnaire and comments were generally positive, for example; “excellent service with friendly and efficient staff”, “the practice is efficient and well run” and “ a great doctors – feel very fortunate to have it”.

There were some trends in the results which highlighted areas to be addressed as set out below.

Disclosing the nature of problems when booking appointments

Whilst 87% of patients said that they understand why they are asked to disclose the nature of their problem when booking appointments, several patients left comments saying that they were not happy to do this. The reason patients are asked this is so that the reception staff can signpost patients to the most appropriate person to deal with their problem. The Practice has a diverse, highly trained team and not all problems will require a GP appointment. If patients are not happy to disclose the nature of their problem then they do not need to, however we cannot guarantee that patients will be booked with the most appropriate person. The Practice would like to reassure patients that all administrative staff are bound by the same strict patient confidentiality rules as clinical staff.

Online services

59% of patients said that they did not use any online services so the Practice is looking to increase awareness of the services available, including accessing test results online and encouraging more patients to use these services.


Whilst the majority of patients found the signage within the Practice to be clear, 45% of patients said that the signage for the toilets was not clear so the Practice will put up more signs.

Preference for surgery used

66% of patients said that they preferred to use the Whaley Bridge surgery with a further 16% having no preference, however 7% of patients left comments that they felt there should be more appointments available at the Chapel-en-le-Frith surgery. The Practice is looking to increase the number of appointments at the Chapel surgery; however the majority of appointments will remain to be available at the Whaley Bridge surgery as the building has more capacity and it is the preferred surgery for the majority of patients.

Accessing information

Compared to other sources of information a small percentage of patients said that they were aware of the information screens which have recently been installed in the waiting rooms. The Practice will look at the information available on these and encourage patients to use them by ensuring that the information is clear, relevant and concise.

Roles of Practice staff

Compared to the other roles within the Practice team a smaller percentage of patients understood what the roles of the Healthcare Assistant and Clinical Pharmacist are. The Practice will include details of the different roles within the Practice team on the information screen as well as disseminating this information to patients via staff.


There were comments left regarding long queues at the reception desk and the check-in screens not working. The Practice is aware of the issue and is waiting for the Clinical Commissioning Group to provide and install new screens and is keen for this to be done as soon as possible but unfortunately this is out of the Practice’s control.

Appointment booking system

The main concern raised by patients was regarding the appointment booking system with 22% of comments concerning this. The Practice recognising that it can be frustrating for patients to ring at 8am to book a same day appointment however this is the best system for booking appointments as it provides patients with the best opportunity to be seen the same day and do not have to wait weeks to be seen. The Practice operates a triage service for patients that require urgent, same day medical advice when all the same day appointments have been booked.
There are some appointments which are available to pre-book both online and in person. Some of these appointments are available up to 4 weeks in advance with further appointments released 1 and 2 days in advance. Once these pre-bookable appointments have been filled the remaining appointments are available to be booked on the day.


The Practice is always looking for ways to improve the services offered and values the feedback from patients in order to achieve this. The Practice will work with the Patient Participation Group to address the issues highlighted from the patient questionnaire and which are within our control to change.