Our Fees

We provide honest and open dental care with transparent pricing. Our latest dental fees can be found in the table below

ItemPrivate FeesMember’s FeesSaving
New patient adult oral health check (including radiographs, oral cancer screening, oral health advice and treatment planning)£55.00£55.00
Full cosmetic assessment (including 2 x visit consultation, radiographs, photographs, study models, full written report and patient mock-up), from£120.00£96.00
Routine adult oral health assessment (check-up)£50.00Included
New patient child oral health check (including radiographs, oral health advice and treatment planning)£40.00£40.00
Routine child oral health assessment (check-up)£20.00£20.00
Dental hygiene (with dental therapist)
Personalised oral health assessment, maintenance and review (including personalised oral health care plan, plaque and calculus removal, and Airflow® stain removal and polish), from£50.00Included
Non-surgical periodontal (gum disease) treatment, per 30 minutes£55.00Included
Radiographs (x-ray film)
Bitewings – screening view£15.00Included
Periapicals – localised view£10.00Included
Restorations (fillings)
Tooth coloured – single surface, from£88.00£70.40£17.60
Tooth coloured – double surface, from£132.00£105.60£26.40
Tooth coloured – triple surface, from£165.00£132.00£33.00
Bonded silver amalgam – single surface, from£88.00£70.40£17.60
Bonded silver amalgam – double surface, from£110.00£88.00£22.00
Bonded silver amalgam – triple surface, from£132.00£105.60£26.40
Custom laboratory made restorations
Full gold crown£520.00£416.00£104.00
Tooth coloured crown – standard posterior£445.00£356.00£89.00
Tooth coloured crown – superior EMAX posterior, from£495.00£396.00£99.00
Tooth coloured crown – standard anterior£495.00£396.00£99.00
Tooth coloured crown – superior EMAX anterior, from£495.00£396.00£99.00
Inlay/onlay – gold£500.00£400.00£100.00
Inlay/onlay – tooth coloured composite£410.00£328.00£82.00
Inlay/onlay – tooth coloured porcelain, from£445.00£356.00£89.00
Veneers – in-surgery composite£390.00£312.00£78.00
Veneers – porcelain, from£495.00£396.00£99.00
Diagnostic wax-up, per tooth£40.00£32.00£8.00
Post systems
Laboratory made, from£160.00£128.00£32.00
Root canal treatment
Incisor, from£275.00£220.00£55.00
Premolar, from£330.00£264.00£66.00
Molar, from£385.00£308.00£77.00
Tooth extractions
Routine, from£120.00£96.00£24.00
Complex, from£200.00£160.00£40.00
Teeth whitening
Home tooth whitening – upper or lower£300.00£240.00£60.00
Home tooth whitening – upper and lower£350.00£280.00£70.00
Refills (per cartridge)£25.00£25.00
Partial dentures
Acrylic – immediate£300.00£240.00£60.00
Acrylic – standard (including clasps), from£550.00£440.00£110.00
Acrylic – superior (including clasps), from£770.00£616.00£154.00
Chrome cobalt metal, from£825.00£660.00£165.00
Full dentures
Acrylic – immediate (including reline)£330.00£264.00£66.00
Acrylic – standard, upper or lower£770.00£616.00£154.00
Acrylic – superior, upper or lower£880.00£704.00£176.00
Acrylic – standard, upper and lower£990.00£792.00£198.00
Acrylic – superior, upper and lower£1,210.00£968.00£242.00
Chrome cobalt denture base (each)£165.00£132.00£33.00
Gold clasp£66.00£52.80£13.20
Chair side reline£66.00£52.80£13.20
Laboratory reline£99.00£79.20£19.80
Standard tooth addition£70.00£56.00£14.00
Superior tooth addition£88.00£70.40£17.60
Sports guards
Single colour£99.00£79.20£19.80
Multi colour£120.00£96.00£24.00
Occlusal night guards
Hard acrylic, from£275.00£220.00£55.00
Soft acrylic, from£85.00£68.00£17.00
Other treatments
Sensitivity treatment – isolated protective varnish£15.00IncludedN/A
Semi-permanent restoration, from£66.00£52.80£13.20
Cavity preventive fissure sealant£22.00£17.60£4.40
Preventive resin restoration, from£55.00£44.00£11.00

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