Nervous Patients

We understand that patients can be nervous and anxious about dental treatment

There can be many reasons why you might feel this way and when we introduce ourselves to you please do tell us if you are worried about anything and we’ll do our very best to help.

Our aim is to treat you holistically and provide treatment as comfortably as possible in relaxed surroundings in your very best interests and with your thoughts and feelings as our highest priority.

We offer local anaesthetic with any treatment we feel that might need it.

We constantly update our knowledge and equipment staying ahead with the most comfortable and state of the art dental treatments.

Please talk to us about any fears or anxieties you might have we will find the best person suited to you to manage your care in our exceptional team. We can also allow more time for your appointments if you need us too.

Our dental team have been carefully selected for their interpersonal skills so they can give you confidence, support when you need it and provide you with high quality treatment and care

Emergency dental care

Need urgent dental care during evenings or weekends?

Call 111 or search NHS 111 Online to find your nearest out of hours dentist.

Its quicker Online, but if you phone, press 1 when you hear 4 choices to access the dental team

What can my NHS Dentist Do for me

The NHS provides essential treatments needed to keep your mouth, teeth and gums healthy and free of pain. Any treatment that is clinically necessary should be available. 

Make A Dental Appoitment

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