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Practice Team

Practice Team:

We wish to provide care in a polite and courteous environment.  It is unacceptable for any member of our team to behave in a disrespectful manner to patients or another team member – we similarly will not accept rude or aggressive behaviour from people we are trying to help.  We do welcome feedback – and accept that we can always improve – if you provide us with that feedback in a calm and collected manner – we will be able to understand your concerns and act on them in a more effective manner.

Only necessary treatment is carried out at the practice. Under the NHS we will only spend its time carrying out effective treatments and ones with the best chance of securing oral health.  Some treatments will fall outside of this – it is part of a patient’s choice to opt for those privately – we have permission to carry out alternative treatments (often more cosmetic) however we will not spend NHS time carrying these out. The primary goal of the practice is to carry out its NHS commitment to the community first.  If you routinely request cosmetic treatments and specialist treatments to save teeth described as being of a very poor outlook – then you may be better off seeking your routine care at a dentist that provides those treatments on a more regular basis.  The NHS is for everyone.  Individual demands that lie outside of this remit are best catered for in the private sector. Our aim is for our treatment to work in its very real goal of reducing the experience of pain and discomfort and reducing the number of treatment visits.