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Pre-appointment Patient Information during Covid-19 Pandemic

Pre Appointment Patient Information during Covid-19 Pandemic

The Dental Team at Goyt Valley Dental Practice have your best interests at heart.

During the Covid-19 Pandemic we have been advised of significant changes in the way we practice to safe guard you and our staff during dental procedures.

These changes mean that your dental appointment will be different than your last one. We’ve made modifications to the way we organise it and you’ll be aware that we’ll be wearing more personal protective equipment (PPE).

We will need you to help us by following this advice and guidance:

  1. You’ll be having a telephone assessment prior to attending. It’s likely we’ll be asking you lots of questions about your current health and previous medical history before the appointment on the phone. We will email you a fresh medical history form to complete. Please have a list of your prescription medications to hand for this.
  2. During the triage call , we’ll also be asking you questions about whether anyone in your household has had Covid-19 or is self-isolating or shielding.
  3. We will  also ask you questions about your mouth too – to get an up to date assessment before you come in – this way we can have any necessary equipment and materials we need to hand during your appointment.
  4. We may request that payment is taken for your dental assessment and treatment over the phone or via a text or email link – this saves unnecessary contact with card machines or our staff handling cash.
  5. We may require you to sign the consent for treatment electronically via email.
  6. So that we know when to expect you we will ask you to be waiting outside a designated new dental entrance to the building. There will be designated signage to this new door.
  7. Please wait outside the door at the time of the appointment and we will let you in. bring your mobile phone with you in case we need to call you prior to letting you in. PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT TO ENTER THE BUIDING UNTIL YOUR OUR NURSE IS READY TO ESCORT YOU UP FOR YOUR APPOINTMENT – THIS IS IMPRTANT FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY.

Attending your dental appointment:

  1. Please make sure you are well hydrated before you attend as we will be unable to offer you a drink
  2. Make sure you have used the bathroom before you attend as we are attempting to limit use of our public washroom facilities to reduce infection risks.
  3. Leave all you belongings at home or in the boot of your car including bags and coats
  4. Please attend the appointment alone unless a carer is a necessity (for children 1 parent or guardian is permitted). Please let us know prior to your appointment if you need to attend with a carer or think you may require additional assistance for any reason and we will make all the necessary arrangements to help you.  We can arrange an interpreter for you if this is required.
  5. Expect the member of staff to be wearing PPE who meets you. If you have hearing difficulties please ensure you are wearing your hearing device, for anyone profoundly deaf we will discuss your needs in the most suitable communication medium for you. We will make alternative arrangements if you think attending alone will be challenging for you / or require special assistance – please do let us know at the triage call prior to your appointment.
  6. The Dental Team Member will ask you to sanitise your hands when you enter the building and will ask a few brief health related questions. You may be asked to sanitise your hands after your appointment too.
  7. We will take you up to the dental practice and would ask that you listen carefully to the instructions given to you by our dental team members.
  8. Avoid touching anything during your journey into the dental surgery. It’s unlikely you will be kept waiting – we will take you straight into a treatment room.
  9. After your appointment you will be chaperoned by a dental team member back out of the building
  10. Follow up appointments, any further payments or paper work will be arranged by telephone or email.

We apologise for this comprehensive list of guidance and requests, but for your safety and that of our staff dentistry will need to be managed differently for a while – many of these changes may be permanent.

Please feel free to ask any questions during your telephone triage – we understand that you may be anxious about the changes.

Thank you for your understanding. We are very much looking forward to taking care of you again.

The Goyt Valley Dental Team

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