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8th June 2020 – Dental Practice Opening Patient Information

Dental Practice Opening during the Covid -19 Pandemic

Dear Patients,

We are very sorry that we have not been able to provide you with a normal dental service during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

We were asked by the Government and the Chief Dental Officer to cease routine dental services for your safety and that of our staff. Unfortunately, most routine dental care creates a significant risk of infection transmission so until more was known about how we could practice safely we were advised to limit our care to those treatments we knew could be carried out safely.

Those of you that have been in touch will know that we have been open and that we have continued to provide an emergency and advice service only as per the guidance we were issued.

The Government and the Chief Dental Officer have now given us permission to open this service further and from 8th June we are allowed to see patients within the practice following very carefully researched guidance.

We have needed to procure the correct Personal Protective Equipment and have it accurately fit tested to our team, train our team in extensive new protocols and procedures and risk assess what is safe for you and us.

Once all this work is completed, we will follow guidelines and open the practice in a series of phases. We hope to see patients on the 11th June. We first need to help those of you with dental emergencies and this will be our priority in the first few weeks. We will then move on to those of you that have been waiting for essential dental treatment. Later on we will then be able to continue with all your routine care such as dental examinations.

We realise this is frustrating for those of you wishing to resume your routine care but we want to assure you that it is very much in your best interests and those of our staff.

Opening in this way means we are following advice and guidance and will assure you are looked after safely during the Pandemic.

Please do not hesitate to ring our staff if you have any questions regarding your care and where you will fit in with our phased approach.

As a team we are very much looking forward to resuming our dental service and seeing you all again.

Tel 01663 736 301

In case you are interested in understanding how we access the guidance, these are our sources:

Faculty Of General Dental Practitioners

British Dental Association

Office of the Chief Dental Officer

Local Dental Committee

NHS England

Public Health England

Care Quality Commission

General Dental Council